Sunday, December 5, 2010

ICT and BPO Catalyst 6

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Monday, August 23, 2010

ICT and BPO Catalyst 1

ICT and BPO Catalyst - To Make Sri Lankan Economic Dreams a Reality! - 1

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

ACS Young ICT Professionals Conference 2010

You are invited to attend the Seventh Annual Young ICT Professionals Conference, 20 – 21 September, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. It is being held in conjunction with the World Computer Congress. This is an initiative of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). It is hosted by the Australian Computer Society.

The Young ICT Professionals Conference is for students, graduates and young professionals. It will help you move up the career ladder faster and is the most cost effective way to attend this world class event. For more information, visit

Speakers include:
• Nicholas Carr, Author of The Big Switch;
• Sir John Daniel, Commonwealth of Learning;
• Ana Govan, Former Young Professional of the Year;
• Steve Hargadon, Social Learning Consultant;
• Alan Hesketh, CIO of Supercheap;
• Prof. Simon Kaplan, Executive Dean QUT - Science and Technology;
• AJ Kulatunga, Former NT High Achiever of the Year;
• Philip Lockwood HR Manager, ANZ, Tata Consultancy Services;
• Ben Patey, CIO of CSC Australia;
• John Ridge, Executive Director of ACS Foundation;
• Kate Southam, Editor of the online magazine hosted by;
• Rangan Srikhanta, Executive Director of One Laptop Per Child Program and many more!

For more information, visit

The Young IT dinner is on Monday 20 September; Young IT Conference delegates will get a free pass to this extraordinary networking opportunity. There are separate tickets available for just the dinner.

The Conference Chair this year is Travis Malone, a charismatic young leader from Queensland. He was deservedly recognised as the 2009 Queensland Young ICT Professional of the Year.

CONFERENCE FEES – all inclusive of GST
YIT 2-day student member Earlybird (up to 31 July 2010) A$200
YIT 2-day student member Normal (from 1 August 2010) A$250
YIT 2-day student non-member Earlybird (up to 31 July 2010) A$250
YIT 2-day student non-member Normal (from 1 August 2010) A$300

YIT 2-day member Earlybird (up to 31 July 2010) A$500
YIT 2-day member Normal (from 1 August 2010) A$600
YIT 2-day non-member Earlybird (up to 31 July 2010) A$600
YIT 2-day non-member Normal (from 1 August 2010) A$700
1-day rates also available.

Register now go to

ACS Young ICT Professionals Conference 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Launching Yasasa Foundation!

Its with pleasure that we announce the launch of Yasasa Foundation.

Our vision is to see a prosperous and happy Sri Lanka, where children have access to education, health care and the love and support of a family that is financially sound.
With the end of the decades long civil war, this ‘pearl of the Indian ocean’ is turning over a new leaf, Sri Lankans are optimistic in starting a new life and helping each other stand up on their own feet again. Despite their resilience and hopes they can’t do it alone, they need support to get through the hard times.

The organisation expects to attract donations from countries around the world and utilize them for the benefit of needy Sri Lankans. Donations from Sri Lankans are also welcome.

YASASA FOUNDATION is the noble idea of its founders Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama and Sasani Abeywickrama. The endeavour is well supported by many others including family, friends and well wishers. As we have benefitted greatly from the generosity of Sri Lanka and its people, we believe that it’s our responsibility to give back to this dear country that made us who we are.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful country. In our eyes, it’s the most beautiful country in the world. We don’t believe that it’s a small miracle; we believe it’s the biggest miracle on planet earth.

Sri Lanka has a magnificent history that’s been chronicled for over 2500 years. The ruins that have been left behind from that ancient civilization still continue to amaze the world with their engineering ingenuity. Despite its small size the tropical island brings together a rich diversity in geography, flora, fauna, culture and natural resources that can’t be found in countries that are several times its size.

Sri Lanka started a new era in May 2009 after defeating terrorism in its entirety and is once again the happy island it once was. We believe that it’s our duty to lend a hand to this beautiful country in its hour of need and era of new development. People in Sri Lanka are some of the friendliest people you would ever meet, they deserve your support.

YASASA FOUNDATION fulfils this need. It helps you to be a part of that great journey. We invite you to donate a small amount of your hard earned money for this noble cause.

What we do at a glance

- Provide scholarships to school children in Sri Lanka

- Provide scholarships to Sunday school students in Sri Lanka

- Provide support for religious institutes in Sri Lanka

- Provide support for poor families around Sri Lanka

- Assist in redevelopment process of communities in North and East provinces

- Promote Women in Science in Sri Lanka

- Promote ICT studies to School Children in Sri Lanka

These are a few major areas that we are focusing on. For more information about these projects please visit

You can help this great cause by donating a small amount of your money using the online donation function at" Make a Donation button" will help you donate directly using you credit cards or Paypal account, we are happy to provide you with our bank account details for direct debits. We are also happy to discuss other modes of donations you may like to offer such as books, stationary, home utensils etc.You can also contact us to discuss other ways of supporting this movement.

Please visit to join hands with us!

Yasasa Foundation