Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Retrospect....... 1

This probably is going to be the first of a series of Blogs/Notes that I would make in retrospect to summarise how last year was spent. Well, there are almost 2 months more to go in this year, but with a December vacation coming and planning for next year already started, I have started to wind down the year already!!

It's been a busy year with work, trainings, travel, writing and industry activities. This post is about some of the industry activities that we did over the last year. It started slow, but peaked very quickly and also managed to maintain the peak consistently without letting it nose dive and I am determined to keep the momentum going and maintain the trend line.

Some of the activities we did were:

Special Event: IBM Global CIO presentation
Workshop: How to make the most out of career fairs
Uni Event: Melbourne Uni Careers Day fair
Uni Event: RMIT Careers Fair Expo
YIT in the Pub (March)
Uni Event: Melbourne Institute of Technology Orientation Day talk.
Workshop: Stand out from the crowd with your resume and cover letter (April)
Special Event: With ACS President/KPMG Global CIO kumar Parakala
YIT in the Pub (Speaker : Bettina Harlos) (May)
Workshop: Behavioral interviewing & mock interviews (June)
YIT in the Pub: (Speaker : Dr. Anthony Overmass)(July)
Uni Event: Monash University – Orientation day talk (July)
Uni Event: Melbourne Institute of Technology – Orientation day talk (July)
Workshop: Australian Workplace Culture (July)
Special Event: ICT Careers Night (July)
Special Event: Booth at Careers Fair of VITTA for the Careers Week (Aug)
YIT in the Pub (Speaker : Samantha Goold) (Aug)
YIT in the Pub (Speaker: Scott Evans) (Aug)
Workshop: IT Career Paths (Sep)
YIT in the Pub (Oct)
Special Event: Oracle Recruitment (Oct)
Workshop: Business Communication Skills (13 Nov)
Uni Event: Melbourne Institute of Technology – Orientation day talk (Nov)
Green YIT in the Pub (20 Nov)

The objective is ' CHANGE & ACTION'! The long list is an obvious proof that CHANGE is already in motion by servicing people through ACTION.

Need everyone's help to keep things going on this front....

Signing off for now...

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