Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green Young IT in the Pub

Green Young IT in the Pub - ICT & Sustainability

Venue: The Imperial HotelCnr Bourke & Spring Streets Melbourne
Date: Thursday 20th November 2008 Time: 6:00PM

Presenters :Tony Hodgson and Frank Mentiplay

Free Knowledge, Free Entry, Free Food, Free Drinks!

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Presentation at MIT

I had the opportunity of doing a talk at an orientation day presentation this week for the third time this year at the Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) to address new students.

MIT, the Melbourne Institute of Technology, is a modern, innovative and dynamic institution which provides high-quality education relevant to the ever-changing demands of the workforce. It also provides a firm base for students who want to pursue higher education in Business and Information Technology. MIT also has a high concentration of international students and it was great to have the opportunity to address those new students.

I wish to thank Dr. Elizabeth A. Kendall, Dr. Savitri Bevinakoppa and Anna Bordignon of MIT for their assistance in organizing these presentations and look forward to doing more in this space.

Some photos:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Retrospect....... 1

This probably is going to be the first of a series of Blogs/Notes that I would make in retrospect to summarise how last year was spent. Well, there are almost 2 months more to go in this year, but with a December vacation coming and planning for next year already started, I have started to wind down the year already!!

It's been a busy year with work, trainings, travel, writing and industry activities. This post is about some of the industry activities that we did over the last year. It started slow, but peaked very quickly and also managed to maintain the peak consistently without letting it nose dive and I am determined to keep the momentum going and maintain the trend line.

Some of the activities we did were:

Special Event: IBM Global CIO presentation
Workshop: How to make the most out of career fairs
Uni Event: Melbourne Uni Careers Day fair
Uni Event: RMIT Careers Fair Expo
YIT in the Pub (March)
Uni Event: Melbourne Institute of Technology Orientation Day talk.
Workshop: Stand out from the crowd with your resume and cover letter (April)
Special Event: With ACS President/KPMG Global CIO kumar Parakala
YIT in the Pub (Speaker : Bettina Harlos) (May)
Workshop: Behavioral interviewing & mock interviews (June)
YIT in the Pub: (Speaker : Dr. Anthony Overmass)(July)
Uni Event: Monash University – Orientation day talk (July)
Uni Event: Melbourne Institute of Technology – Orientation day talk (July)
Workshop: Australian Workplace Culture (July)
Special Event: ICT Careers Night (July)
Special Event: Booth at Careers Fair of VITTA for the Careers Week (Aug)
YIT in the Pub (Speaker : Samantha Goold) (Aug)
YIT in the Pub (Speaker: Scott Evans) (Aug)
Workshop: IT Career Paths (Sep)
YIT in the Pub (Oct)
Special Event: Oracle Recruitment (Oct)
Workshop: Business Communication Skills (13 Nov)
Uni Event: Melbourne Institute of Technology – Orientation day talk (Nov)
Green YIT in the Pub (20 Nov)

The objective is ' CHANGE & ACTION'! The long list is an obvious proof that CHANGE is already in motion by servicing people through ACTION.

Need everyone's help to keep things going on this front....

Signing off for now...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

ACS Young IT - Oracle Presentation

Last week, we had a successful event where David Talamelli from Oracle spoke about Oracle recruitment, opportunities at Oracle and how people land in jobs at Oracle. He also touched on how someone could be successful in the job market by maintaining an online profile and also keeping in touch with the industry contacts. It was a very useful talk for the houseful audience and we are happy that we continue to deliver great value to our members.

The event has also been blogged about at:

ACS Workshop on Business Communication skills for IT Professionals

Workshop Focus:

What business/soft skills are essential in today’s workplace?

How do you know if you have these skills – short personal assessment of your soft skills

Nonverbal communication- What is positive and powerful body language and the importance of body language in communicating

Listening -What are good listening skills and how you can improve your listening skills immediately

Questioning techniques – how you can use questioning techniques effectively in the workplace

Telephone skills – what are good telephone skills, how to stay in control on the telephone – includes role play

Leadership – how to develop them and build on them - includes team activity if time allows

Writing - Improve your email communication in the workplace

Additional ways that you can continue to improve and enhance your business communication at Uni or in the workplace

Developing a personal development plan

*Please note this a practical session where participants will complete a short written personality questionnaire and will get involved in a communication skills development activities/role plays on the night. Participants will be more self aware at the end of the session and will leave with an ongoing personal development action plan.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Venue: The Tea House28 Clarendon StreetSouth Melbourne
Date: Thursday 13th November 2008
Time: 6:00PM

Please Register at: