Friday, July 4, 2008

A Young IT in the Pub Event with an Entrepreneurial Flavour!

This week, we had yet another successful Young IT in the Pub event with a senior professional participating to further enrich the event. We met other ICT colleagues, which helps to keep our existing network going while further extending it as well by meeting new people. It is always great fun to talk to people to get to know how things are going with them, their career progression, issues, achievements and also to see different perspectives on various things.

Dr Anthony Overmass was our guest senior professional this time, he did a great talk to our Young IT members. Anthony is a unique entrepreneur, thinks and executes things in his own way. I am happy that we were able to have a speaker who thinks out of the box who actually delivered a talk with a difference as well. It was mainly around how he was able to succeed as an ICT businessman outlining the way he managed to keep the innovation going whilst managing the business, risks and opportunities. Everyone enjoyed it, and also appreciated the opportunity they got to talk to such a senior high achiever face to face in a relaxed environment.

Some photos follow:

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