Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Couple of Ad-hoc Notes

I wrote a blog post on the corporate blog after a long time. If interested, it can be found here.

Also, my profile has been published in an interview style on the ACS ICT Careers Portal here.

The home page of the ACS ICT Careers portal can be found here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

ICT Careers Night in Melbourne

As part of National ICT Careers Week, the Victorian Young IT group of Australian Computer Society in association with some of ACS Professional Partners - Hays, IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, NAB and Object Consulting will host an ICT Careers Night to give students, graduates and young professionals a better understanding of the career options available in ICT.

Come and hear what organisations look for when hiring a potential candidate, hear about the opportunities available for students, graduates and young professionals, get information on Graduate Hiring Programs, get career tips from the experts and find out how you can be successful in securing the job you want.

In addition to the above industry leading companies, the participants will also have the great honour of listening to our chief guest Ian Dennis, Chair ACS Victorian Board. Ian is one of the most respected professionals in the Australian ICT industry and is a vivid supporter of Young IT activities. You will also have the opportunity of listening to and meeting up with our special guest Yohan Ramasundara, Director Young IT professionals Board. Yohan is an inspirational young professional, an all rounder of professional excellence, voluntary work and cricket!

Don't miss this great opportunity!

The event is free for everyone and will be held on 31st of July (Thursday) at the Telstra Theattrete 242 Exhibition Street Melbourne, and will start at 6pm.

For more details and registrations, please visit:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vicious Cycles….

The other day, I was talking to a taxi driver while on a fairly long tour. The chat started in the usual manner, like ‘How’s your day been so far?’, but the chat didn’t end in the usual way. Once the driver got to know that I do IT related work, he told me about his case, where he got a Bachelors Degree in IT from his home country and then a Management related Masters from Australia but still finding it hard to get a relevant job and driving taxis for a long time. I know that this is not a rare case, but the time he’s spent like this sounded way too long. He is ok for any job related to IT, even though his Masters is in something else. Anyway, I felt sorry for the guy as he pleaded to help him, so I told him that if he sends me the CV, I would see what I can do, at a minimum, I thought I would review his CV to give him some feedback so that he could attract some employers. I gave him my contact and mentioned opportunities where he can meet other people as well, which obviously helps in networking and eventually in employment prospects. He was over the moon, and sounded very enthusiastic and even offered to wait for my return trip after I finish my work at the destination, which he did, making it an extra long chat. He said he is going to send me the CV soon after he finishes his shift, like that very afternoon, the first thing after that shift, basically!

To this date, I have not received it. He didn’t pursue his own plea! This just shows the lack ok persistence and also not using opportunities presented to some people. Such people know that they need help, but don’t know how to get it. At the same time, they understand that they need to break the vicious cycle by trying hard, but don’t do the hard work to break it by trying out different things, they just live in that cycle complaining about various things for their fate. I hope such people be more courageous and persistence in achieving their dreams, so that they don’t limit them to just dreams but make them realities.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Young IT in the Pub Event with an Entrepreneurial Flavour!

This week, we had yet another successful Young IT in the Pub event with a senior professional participating to further enrich the event. We met other ICT colleagues, which helps to keep our existing network going while further extending it as well by meeting new people. It is always great fun to talk to people to get to know how things are going with them, their career progression, issues, achievements and also to see different perspectives on various things.

Dr Anthony Overmass was our guest senior professional this time, he did a great talk to our Young IT members. Anthony is a unique entrepreneur, thinks and executes things in his own way. I am happy that we were able to have a speaker who thinks out of the box who actually delivered a talk with a difference as well. It was mainly around how he was able to succeed as an ICT businessman outlining the way he managed to keep the innovation going whilst managing the business, risks and opportunities. Everyone enjoyed it, and also appreciated the opportunity they got to talk to such a senior high achiever face to face in a relaxed environment.

Some photos follow: