Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Spectacular Adelaide Experience!

I am back in Melbourne after the ACS Young IT International Conference and the Young IT Board meeting which followed after the conference. The time in Adelaide was nothing but spectacular. Conference went so well, and the quality of it was unparallel, I am really proud to be a part of a community that is capable of delivering something of that calibre. The associated fun activities were also great. So many people from around Australia and overseas turned up making it a memorable networking and learning opportunity. I feel so good of going through it and also feel sad about those who couldn’t make to a such a great event. Think and plan better for the next one in Sydney, that’s my advice to all young ICT professionals who couldn’t make themselves available in Adelaide this time round. My blog sure will have information on the next year’s conference as well, stay tuned!

Talking of people I met, I feel proud and happy that I met each one of them. The chats I had with from senior professionals, ACS National Board members including the President himself to students were so amazing and memorable. I enjoyed every minute of it and learnt so much. The crew that went down there from Melbourne was cool too. Thanks guys for making me special on that dinner night! :)

Debbie Timmins was so great as the chair and as I have mentioned previously as well in my blog, she is an inspiration to young professionals. The core organizers including Yohan Ramasundara, Cindy Tong, Seni Murni and Tapan Dave did a marvoulous job. Yohan is always a treat to work with. AJ Kulathunga, the unique young entreprenour from Darwin is an asset to associate with I believe. Keep an eye on his nice blog at http://www.dreambuildinspirelead.com/.

Sorry, I am not mentioning all the names here, but they all were just amazing!

Be assured that we will be putting an even better show in Syndey next year, and be sure to be a part of the learning and fun!

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