Sunday, June 29, 2008

ACS Professional Year (PYear) Program

I thought I should blog about the new Professional Year Program that is being offered by the Australian Computer Society. This is a fantastic practical job readiness course, and the only one of its nature.

The background is that, the Australian government has introduced some changes to the student visas and also to permanent resident (PR) visa for those who have studied in Australia under student visas. In this new scheme, one way to earn some additional points (10) is to do the Professional Year Program with the organization that’s been selected by the Immigration Department for their respective professional stream. The Australian Computer Society being the professional society for ICT professionals, the minister has gazzetted ACS as the PYear program provider for ICT students.

Apart from the formal importance of it from a visa and industry standard perspective, I am excited about it due to the course content and the objectives. It’s a job readiness program, something that universities have continued to fail to deliver. Shifting from the university to the work force is something that we need to work on as this shift means jumping over a huge gap for the vast majority.

The PYear Program is delivered between a minimum of 44 weeks and a maximum 12 months and includes the following elements;
Opening Bootcamp
Australian Workplace Culture
Professional and Business Communications Skills
Professional Element, and
Closing Bootcamp

ACS engages partnering educational institutes as accredited providers to conduct the program. As of now Monash, Swinburne and Brisbane North Institute of TAFE & Internships Australia have come on board as partners.

The course audience is actually a sub set within the Young IT target group, and some of the skills that we try to facilitate through our programs are similar, because one of our main objectives has been to help graduates in a smooth swift to the industry by helping them out with the key skills required.

The program was launched in Melbourne on May 26th and I had the opportunity to speak at the opening bootcamp. I spoke to them about the important role that ACS could play in their careers as well as how they should practically get involved for the benefit of both their own selves and the industry. The second group starts on the 30th of June, and I have been invited again to speak to them on the opening day. I am looking forward to getting them on board on Young IT activities by making them aware of the great things that we do!

If you would like more information please check here and here.

July - An Exciting Month for ACS Young IT - Victoria

I just wanted to share some information about a couple of upcoming Young IT events in Melbourne .

On Wednesday the 2nd of July, we have our next Young IT in the Pub event. We have a special guest participating at this event to enhance the networking opportunity. The guest is Dr Anthony Overmass! He will be also doing a career related interesting talk. Free food and drinks will be provided as usual and for free registrations please visit:

On Wednesday the 30th of July, a workshop will be organized by Young IT on ‘The Australian Workplace Culture’. For free registrations, please visit:

On Thursday the 31st of July, the Victorian Young IT will hold our next special event! It’s the ICT Career Night where our partners Accenture, IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hays IT and National Australia Bank will participate. We are glad to have these big brands participating at an exiting collaborative night. This event is also free, food and drinks will also be provided. Please register at:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Victorian Young IT Schedule for the Remainder of 2008

Note - Additional Events may be organized outside this schedule.

Please click on the picture for a better readable view

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some Old Random Photos

Marysville, Victoria

Chicago, USA

Lorne, Victoria

Churchill Island, Victoria

Monday, June 9, 2008

Be Above the Line Always!

I heard about ORABED at a recent talk on peak performance and it kind of really sounded so true, I wanted to read further on it.

O - Ownership
R - Responsibility
A - Accountability
B - Blame
E - Excuse
D - Denial

I thought the below link gives a good overview on it. Read it and learn how to stay above the line always. If you think seriously, you will realise that there are so many people around us who tend to be below the line, but if we can try and spread the word, may be we can try to get them above the line....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Spectacular Adelaide Experience!

I am back in Melbourne after the ACS Young IT International Conference and the Young IT Board meeting which followed after the conference. The time in Adelaide was nothing but spectacular. Conference went so well, and the quality of it was unparallel, I am really proud to be a part of a community that is capable of delivering something of that calibre. The associated fun activities were also great. So many people from around Australia and overseas turned up making it a memorable networking and learning opportunity. I feel so good of going through it and also feel sad about those who couldn’t make to a such a great event. Think and plan better for the next one in Sydney, that’s my advice to all young ICT professionals who couldn’t make themselves available in Adelaide this time round. My blog sure will have information on the next year’s conference as well, stay tuned!

Talking of people I met, I feel proud and happy that I met each one of them. The chats I had with from senior professionals, ACS National Board members including the President himself to students were so amazing and memorable. I enjoyed every minute of it and learnt so much. The crew that went down there from Melbourne was cool too. Thanks guys for making me special on that dinner night! :)

Debbie Timmins was so great as the chair and as I have mentioned previously as well in my blog, she is an inspiration to young professionals. The core organizers including Yohan Ramasundara, Cindy Tong, Seni Murni and Tapan Dave did a marvoulous job. Yohan is always a treat to work with. AJ Kulathunga, the unique young entreprenour from Darwin is an asset to associate with I believe. Keep an eye on his nice blog at

Sorry, I am not mentioning all the names here, but they all were just amazing!

Be assured that we will be putting an even better show in Syndey next year, and be sure to be a part of the learning and fun!