Friday, May 2, 2008

A Podcast by Prabath Siriwardene

In this podcast Prabath Siriwardene talks to Oxygen Tank on the OpenID integration of WSO2 Identity Solution. The integration enhances the WSO2 Identity Solution to cater to a wider audience for Web based authentication. OpenID is a key feature in decentralizing single sign-on, much favored by many users.

Prabath Siriwardene is a member of the WSO2 Identity Solution team and is currently working on integrating OpenID support. We used to work at the same company sometime back and are good friends to this date. He is one of the best techies I’ve ever seen in my career (this is not an exaggeration, I really mean it) and a very hard worker (I've seen how he works at office and also know how he managed to get to where he is now), an inspiration to all IT professionals.

Podcast: OpenId integration of WSO2 Identity Solution


Prabath said...

Thanks a lot, Yasas.

Anonymous said...

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