Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YIT Special Event Featuring Kumar Parakala

Last night, we had a great event! The hard work put in by the Vic YIT Committee paid back with over 100 people turning up for the event! Kumar Parakala spoke about “How to Develop and Stay on Top in a Field that's Constantly Evolving" from his perspective.

I thought Kumar's talk was exceptional and had some honest advice and different opinions on how to be on top. It definitely was not the usual career guidance you would hear. We are extremely pleased to be able to create such an opportunity for Young IT professionals.

I want to sincerely thank my team of YIT, who did a great job in organizing and promoting this event. Passing that mark of 100 is a great achievement on its own. As Kumar himself said in his talk, it was the team effort and not mine!

Some photos from the event:

Yasas V. Abeywickrama - Introduction

Kumar Parakala - Presentation

Amrit Singh (Victorian YIT Committee), Ian Dennis (ACS Victorian Chairman), Kumar Parakala (ACS National President), Yasas V Abeywickrama (ACS Victorian Board/National Young IT Board) and Fiona Teakle (Victorian YIT Committee)

Amrit Singh, Fiona Teakle, Ian Dennis and Yasas V Abeywickrama

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photos - ACS YIT SIG April 8

Photos - YIT SIG April 8 on "Stand out from the crowd with your resume and cover letter".

Jill Noble of Pivotal HR doing her presentation

Yasas V Abeywickrama, Amrit Singh, Jill Noble (Presenter from Pivotal HR) , David Burela, Fiona Teakle and Joy Liang (ACS Victoria Business Development Manager)

Participant Registrations

Don't miss the next one! Its a very special one! Here is the link for the free registration:

Send Gifts to Sri Lanka

I am pleased to introduce to you the online store where you can send gifts to your loved ones in Sri Lanka. The payments are handled realtime and all major credit cards are accepted. Please check it out and give them your feedback and don't forget to spread the word to Sri Lankans abroad.

This site is launched by one of my oldest friends from Sri Lanka, Nafraz Razeen, we used to play street cricket together about 15 years ago! As we both left the neighbourhood in the same period of time, we kind of lost contacts for long periods of time, but remembered to look up for each other occasionally whenever we got a chance. I wish him all the best with his new endeavour!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Invitation : Kumar Parakala, KPMG Global COO's (IT Advisory) Presentation

Young IT group of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) is organizing a special event where KPMG Global COO (IT Advisory practice) Kumar Parakala will be talking to all ICT professionals on “How to Develop and Stay on Top in a Field that's Constantly Evolving”. Kumar is also the ACS National President.

Venue: Telstra Theatrette 242 Exhibition Street , Melbourne
Date: Tuesday 22nd April 2008
Time: 5:30PM for a 6.00pm start
Entry: FREE
Registration :

At this event, Kumar is going to talk about:

- How he continued to learn and to develop his career?
- How past trends in the ICT industry affected his career?
- How he perceives the future of ICT to affect his industry/career?
- ACS and how it benefited him personally?
- The role of ACS in the future for the ICT industry and ICT professionals

This is an event not to be missed! Please register yourself free to avoid disappointments soon.

After organizing its first major special event for the year where IBM Global CIO spoke to ICT professionals at a hugely successful event, ACS Young IT is delighted to be able to have this second major event, which is a great opportunity for all ICT professionals. Young IT runs many events in Melbourne all year around, which includes regular Young IT in the Pubs, Young IT SIGs and other special events.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grad Recruitments

Accenture is currently accepting applications from graduates for a recruitment drive.

If interested, please find the link below:

I am also going to be involved in interviewing the candidates, starting from mid April for a continuous seven months.....that should be interesting and exciting! Yes, I am looking forward to it....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

An Opportunity for someone with good XML Skills

We have an opportunity for someone who knows XML well from one of ACS Partnering companies (PPP).

It could be a few possibilities such as Employment if they are good or form a XBRL (eXtensive Business Reporting Language, XML like) Special Interest Group. At this stage requirement is not specific, however, this could open up a huge opportunity for a good XML candidate and I am keen to open this up for an ACS Victorian member.

Please get in touch with myself if you want a brief clarification on 0431682909.