Sunday, March 16, 2008

ACS 2008 International Young ICT Professionals Conference

Are you a young professional, recent graduate or student? Do you want to learn, develop and lead your career in ICT?
Now in its fifth year, this conference will provide you with the techniques, skills and confidence to advance your career. You'll have the opportunity to mix with fellow participants, speakers and potential future employers. You will gain valuable insights into the current state of the ICT industry, future directions, trends, essential business skills and the art of networking.


Hear from a first class line-up of speakers:

How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Your Boss
Jonar Nader, Futurist, Chairman of Logictivity

Project Managing Your Career
Rob Thomsett, Thomsett International

Microsoft's 10 year Crystal Ball
Norbert Haehnel, Microsoft Australia/NZ

The World According to Google
Alan Noble, Google Australia and New Zealand

Visit for more details.


Anonymous said...

This is in Adelaide right ?
We need something in Melbourne too mate :)

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said...

Thanks for the comment.

We had the annual conference in Melbourne in 2007. This year its in another state (Adelaide, SA) (we do it in a different state each year). However, we are doing other major events in Mel (like the IBM Global CIO talk in Feb) and the next one of that category is cominng close. Its on April 22nd. KPMG Global COO (IT Advisory Practise) is talking in Melbourne. Please find the link below.

Please register...

Anonymous said...

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