Saturday, January 19, 2008

ACS Work Continues....Looking for Young Blood!

As a person who is keen on being involved in IT industry voluntary professional activities, I have been in touch with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for a reasonable time now and held some responsibilities before too, including being a member of the South Australian Executive Committee as well as a member of the National Member Lifecycle Board (2006/2007).

Now, I have an opportunity to continue my service and involvement as I was recently co-opted to the Executive Committee of the Victorian Branch of the ACS and became the new Victorian representative in the ACS National Young IT Board.

In my national role, I will be participating in ACS national strategies for young IT professionals and activities whilst in my Victorian role, I am responsible to implement them in Victoria state. My work mostly relates to young IT professionals, new graduates and IT student community. Some examples of the activities that we would be doing are organizing speaker sessions, providing networking opportunities and providing hands on experiences for students such as mock interviews.

I am exited about this challenging opportunity and I have already got started with the job at hand. As always, planning phase comes first.

I am in the process of forming my team for 2008 Young IT committee for Victoria as well as recruiting some good student ambassadors from each university in Victoria. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with me. If you know of someone who would be effective in such a role, please send in your recommendations. I am keen to create some great opportunities for willing, capable and young individuals. It’s a great way for young professionals to build their network and improve professionalism whilst serving the IT community, especially the younger demographic.

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