Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sri Lanka’s Test Win Against England : A tribute to Sanath and Murali

Sri Lanka’s Test Win Against England is a true tribute to Sanath and Murali.

Its nice to see Sanath retiring on a winning note, whilst having fully contributed to the win. His last test innings is a snapshot of what he portrayed in the cricket scene for almost 20 years, the aggressive positiveness. His six fours in a single over reminds how he devastated so many bowlers and teams over the years, in both one day and test formats. We are lucky to see him for a little while in one-day matches. Whilst his test performances including the 300+ score against India would be never forgotten, his role in revolutionising the one-day game (together with Kalu) in 1996 is a major milestone in the history of cricket.

Murali, undoubtedly the best ever bowler in cricket passed the world record for highest number of test wickets by any bowler in this winning match, at his hometown, Kandy, Sri Lanka. His achievement is a gift not only for his great talent, but also for his courage, fighting against the baseless forces that wanted him out of the scene. However, on and off the field, he won his battles as a true hero with no other bowler coming even close to his performances and records.
Murali is the ultimate legend of the game of cricket.


Anonymous said...

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Its a shame for Aussie media to do this again as this has been already cleared a million times. It just shows that they are jealous to see Warne's record taken over by a better bowler.

Damith-TS said...

ya it was indeed a tribute to the two guys. sanath retiring is a good move imo.

it would have been pretty good if he had managed to a 100. but none the less he did a great job!

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Anonymous said...

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