Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Year Anniversary of Blogging

Today marks the first year anniversary for my blog. It’s been an interesting thing to do really, even though I had extended periods of not blogging due to other priorities. However, I have managed to keep it going at a pretty consistent rate. I have enjoyed it and hope to continue as well.

This is my 83rd post, so I have posted at an average rate of about 3 posts for 2 weeks. (83/52 weeks)

Looking back, the areas I have written fall into many areas, but IT and Career related ones seems to be the majority.

Number of posts under each category

Business Analysis (7)
Business Consulting (7)
IT Industry (26)
Life (40)
Project Management (6)
Sports (9)

I started to track the web traffic to the blog in May 2007, so that's only the latter 6 months of the first year of the blog. During that period, I’ve had following stats:

3,561 Visits
2,579 Absolute Unique Visitors
5,315 Pageviews
1.49 Average Pageviews
00:01:28 Time on Site
75.20% Bounce Rate
72.51% New Visits

Readers have arrived here through following ways:

Referring Sites 48.33%
Search Engines 40.41%
Direct Traffic 11.26%

I have had most visitors from the US! (Not Australia or Sri Lanka). The first 5 countries from where most users have come are:

United States, Sri Lanka, Australia, UK and India.

Business Analysis/Consulting and other IT related posts have been by far the most favourites.

Hope the readers would continue to come during the next year too!

Thanks for coming here!


Ineshka said...

CONGRATS!! :) and do please keep on posting! :)

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said...

Thanks:) Its a pity that you dont write on your blog now though....