Thursday, October 4, 2007

By the way, I am on the Facebook now...

By the way, I am on the Facebook now...I just wanted to see what’s all this fuss about Facebook! So, I joined myself to get the experience first-hand. I was kind of tired of these networks as there were too many things coming up and no single network where most people are joined. LinkedIn, Hi5 and something like WAYN are the other groups I have been invited to and I was in two of those and didn't really find them that great. Facebook seems to be a better place because there are so many people on it making it a proper social network, and the networking functionalities and features it provides seems to be better and practical. However, time is the tester that will determine whether Facebook can maintain the hype or whether it will just go off just like the previous ones.


Mahasen said...

But I feel it has too many features. The ability to install applications is almost out of control. To add up, all of your friends install more applications and invite you to install them as well. I get a headache out of it. Hi5 is more simple thus digestible :D

Adrian said...

Hi Yasas,

Since you are on Facebook you might be interested in the new Modern Analyst group:

Best regards,
Community for Business Systems Analysts

Ineshka said...

Hey!! yeah, I also find facebook to be really annoying... So many applications and it takes so much of time!! :)) Its great in a way that I got in touch with people I havent spoken to for years, but still... And there are so many hackers onto Facebook these days it seems, they steal the friends list and possibly pictures for misuse!!

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said...

After a week of using it [ :D ] , I also tend to agree with you guys that its kind of too much. Good thing is we get to find lost friends. Time taken on these is a concern as well.