Monday, August 27, 2007

On a personal note,

I am back after a vacation in Sri Lanka! Well, it’s more than a month since we came back, but couldn’t blog about it due to being too busy. Vacation was great and wonderful, so happy to be able to spend some time with family and friends after some time. We visited so many places. I did a rough count, by the end of the tour, we had visited 21 homes! And so many people visited us and met some people at outside places like restaurants.

Our vacation was not only a break from everything but a logical break in between two phases. Sasani had to transfer her PhD studies to Swinburne University in Melbourne, so we had planned to move to Melbourne from Adelaide after the vacation. Parallel to this, as I hinted before, I was looking for a move as well and upon relocation, I started to work for Accenture in Melbourne as a Consultant. I am happy to be able to move to a role of Consultant and in a company of the calibre of Accenture. Accenture is a Fortune500 company, has branches in 49 countries with a staff of over 150,000 people, serves the best companies in the world, is one of the strongest brand names in the world and is one of the best companies in the world to work for. I am in the process of settling in such a huge organization. This definitely is a hard earned milestone in my career. My project is for Telstra, the leader in Telecommunications in Australia. This is my second experience with a client of that calibre as I have served British Telecom before in the UK. I am located onsite at a Telstra site in Melbourne.

Sasani is settling in well with her studies, her studies are in Optical Fibres, an exiting and high potential area in the domain of telecommunications. Her father is the owner of a successful telecom company in Sri Lanka (Entel) and it’s kind of interesting and fateful that both of us are ultimately in the same industry.

We just settled in at a permanent place in Melbourne, so were busy with all the arrangement and move and stuff. It was just hectic over the past couple of weeks. However, now we are kind of all set and good to live the normal life. It will take a couple of days to fix the broadband internet, but after that, its just good as it can be!

I just passed my birthday as well!!

Oh by the way, I have been continuously helping out people (even while I was on vacation!) on their career related matters and seems to be that that there are many people accepting my open and free offer. Nice to hear from people from different countries as well (No, I won’t disclose more info, as safeguarding their privacy is very important for me!).

For the regular readers, thanks for continuously coming here, even though I didn’t write that much, but from here onwards, hopefully, I will try to write more often. Well, at lease one post a week wouldn’t be that bad…..but it’s just a hope.


Ineshka said...

Hey hey!! :)))

Good to see that you are also back into blogging! :) Congrats on your job at Accenture, even I have heard about what a good company it is considering I am quite dim in these matters! :) It's really great! :)

Hope you keep on writing so that we can keep on reading!

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said...


Mahasen said...

Guess I'm quite late, but nevertheless, Congratulations buddy. Well-done!!

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said...

Thanks mahasen!