Monday, June 25, 2007

A Unique Series of Blog Interviews

Debbie Timmins’ blog is a pretty special place as she has been doing this interesting ‘Interview with an IT Professional’ series. Debbie is an ACS member, doing a great job within the Young IT space and is currently the Advisor to the ACS national Young IT Board and is a former Vice Director of the same.

Through this series she has been trying to bring out inspirational stories of successful IT professionals so that it helps others who have joined or who wish to join the IT industry.

Among the many interviews done by her, the one with Sonja Bernhardt, Director & CEO of an award winning technology company and the one with Sheryle Moon, CEO of Australian Information Industry Association are especially encouraging ones for women in our industry. The interview with the PC Authority Magazine Editor Ed Dawson brought out some insights of an area which most of us were not aware of. ACS Young IT director Yohan Ramasundara, ACS SA Branch Execs Rob Farley and Peter Griffith were some of the others who featured on this series.

The latest one in this series is none other than me! If you are not bored of me yet, have a read at this.

I thank Debbie for interviewing me and wish her all the best in continuing this very popular unique blog interview series in the future, which has taken the blog culture to a new level.


Purnima said...

I've read whole of your interview. You have given some of really good insights there.I think you are someone to be proud of.

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said...

Thanks so much! :)

Sumudu said...

well done !!
really proud of you.

Debbie Timmins said...

Thank you for your comment Yasas. It was a pleasure to interview you. Your responses were really excellent and so well thought out. Anyone who reads them will be able to tell how passionate you are about your career. I am positive that will inspire those already working as Business Analysts, and those that are considering a career as one.
The feedback I have received has been really great, and going by the stats, people are spending around 5 - 6 minutes reading your answers.
It is also excellent to see that your interview is getting a lot of hits.
Thank you for taking part.