Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aussies Win The World Cup. Sri Lanka, The Second Best

Aussies sealed their third consecutive world cup win this morning. Sri Lanka finished as the second best. Congratulations to both teams! It is a big achievement to come to the final, so Sri Lanka should be happy with the result. Even the creators of Cricket, England couldn't even get close to Semis, so, this is all good stuff! Aussies deserved to win today, but SL showed a great spirit in their innings even though they were behind the chase most of the time. Rain disturbed their rhythm in run chasing, but even without those rain disturbances, I think Aussies could have probably won it, but by a closer margin.

Regardless of this result, Sri Lankan team has done tremendously well in this tournament and will be given the same welcome back home on their arrival. Well done Guys!! Life has to go on,there is always a tomorrow, lets try to make it even better!

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