Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bought a PDA

I bought a PDA!!!

Well, I think it’s a bit of out of character, because I don’t really spend that much on high tech stuff. For example, I have always used basic phones (Motorola quarter of a brick size one, Ericson T28, Nokia 3310, Motorola c100, Nokia 3220 and now Samsung X150).

However, as so many people are using PDAs to keep themselves organized, it will be a real value adder, so I made up my mind to do the investment. Maintaining tasks, contacts, appointments and making notes and meeting minutes are few of my objectives. The thing that would come really handy is the synchronisation with the PC.

Model is HP IPAQ Rx 1950. Some of the features of it are:
-Wireless: Wi-Fi keeps you connected on the go.
-Music: Mobilize digital music, videos, and photos.
-Software: All new Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 Software for Pocket PC, Premium Edition.
-Design: Thin and light.
-Expansion: Secure Digital (SDIO) slot for greater storage and expansion.
-Display: Brilliant, crisp viewing area on a 3.5 inch transflective TFT QVGA 64K color display.
-Processor: Powered by the Samsung SC32442 300 MHz Processor
-USB Sync with Computer
-Memory: 32MB SDRAM, 64MB ROM
-Graffiti area and Stylus writing is very smooth and gives a natural writing experience.

User reviews for this model sounded absolutely perfect, I just could not resist myself.

Now am experimenting the new world and really looking forward to using it meaningfully!


Prabath said...

Great. Have fun...!

Anonymous said...

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