Saturday, February 3, 2007

Father's Appointment as Secretary of Plantations Industries Ministry of Sri Lanka

My father, Mr. J. Abeywickrama has been re-appointed as the secretary of the Plantations Industries Ministry of Sri Lanka.

He held this position for several years now, and has gained high acceptance for his role, if not in Sri Lanka, remaining in the same place for a long time would not be possible. Plantations is an interesting sector and one of the most important industries for the country because it's one of the three main sources of income. Sri Lankan Tea (branded as Ceylon Tea) is considered the best Black Tea in the world and Sri Lanka is the highest tea volume exporter.

This re-appointment is a result of Sri Lankan Cabinet of ministers being reshuffled last week and many members of the opposition joined the government, highlighting the acceptance that has been built by President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is a leader who shows love and respect for our culture, heritage & independence and has nationalistic views rather than westernised objectives. Importantly, JHU, which represents the buddhists and the buddhist clergy at large also joined the government and accepted the ministerial portfolio of Environment and Natural Resources, which I think is very suitable for them, considering the background and people and also the values they represent, which is based on Buddhism. Buddhism highlights the importance of the environment and its conservation, Buddha was a religious leader who was born, attained enlightenment (Buddha-hood) and passed away under trees.

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