Thursday, February 1, 2007

'A bit of BIT'

Its almost one year since I published my first book. It was released on 4th of March, 2006. I named it as 'A bit of BIT. It was a collection of articles on Business Information Technology (BIT). Those articles were written over 2 years for various reasons on different topics but I was able to adjust them to come under the banner BIT with some difficulty. All articles were readjusted to suit a larger audience, and I wanted it to be a book suitable to anyone new to the field covering more breadth than depth even though it gave detailed information in some instances.

Originally, I had the plan to release it around mid 2006, but as I had to travel to UK in March, I decided to finish it off quickly before I leave. It had been dragging on for too long, so didn't want to drag anymore. Two years for a small book is a long period of time, I guess. I checked with few publishers but decided I did not want to take the trouble of going behind them, so I published it myself. It was a race against time, but somehow managed to succeed with the help of many. My wife was right behind me during the whole process, if not for her it would not have come that quickly, because when I was dragging it, she was the one who encouraged me to go faster with a deadline in mind. Other family members also guided a lot whilst many friends helped immensely. Friends even offered to sell the book for me and they actually did a good job with that. Wish to thank you all here on web even though I have definitely thanked them personally for the effort.

This whole exercise gave me so much experience about the book industry (printing, publishing, distributing, selling, libraries, marketing, income, expenses, etc.) I did most of them personally myself travelling around in my small Maruti car! Virtusa (my previous employer) was also helpful and since working hours weren't tightly fixed, I had time to get things done, of course I had to work till midnight to cover-up, which anyway was very common and normal for us! Coming from a family where no one has been into writing or anything like that, this truly was all new to me.

The book was published only in Sri Lanka and I don't have any expectations to publish it elsewhere because the book was written in a Sri Lankan context, most of the original articles were not like that but, when it came to the book, I edited it to be simple and to be helping Sri Lanka. Given this background, many people requested it to be republished in Sinhala language. After one year, I still haven't done anything to get this done, so I am at 0 with regard to that but this is still on my agenda and will try to do something about it.

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