Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

Watched the movie Pursuit of Happyness yesterday, which I think is one of the best I have ever watched, highly inspirational. It shows what wonders determination coupled with ability could do. From homelessness he rose to be a multi-millionaire whilst bringing up his son very lovingly even though his wife had left him at the most important hour. True stories are the ones I really like and hate to watch unrealistic stuff, just like 'Catch me if you can' about Frank Abagnale, I loved this movie. (The day-care centre that his son went wasn't a good one as he could not afford high prices, and this place had things written all over its walls, and the level of the place is apparent by misspelling Happiness as Happyness, which ultimately became a part of the title of his biography book and this movie!)

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