Friday, December 29, 2006

Regaining Heritage

I found the following article on CNN, which I guess should be read by all of us. 'Software' section of this descriptively talks about Sanjeewa Weerawarna, his work and his new company.

In essence, this man is making us proud!

Generally its westerners who find new things on technology and pass on to us, and we just follow the trend, but here we are, setting the trend for the rest. We basically should not be just trend followers, we hail from a history of trend setting. Our kings built miracles 2500 years back before no one else could do some of those. Our engineering expertise couple of thousand years back surprises the whole world. That's our heritage, that's our history, so there is no reason why it shouldn't be our future as well. We got to escape from this 3rd world mentality and think that we can be the world leaders. During 450 years of foreign rule, our free thinking has been slowly killed, lets regain it...There is something called '1st world hypocrisy ' ,but lets face it. Not to go off the track, but this is the concept that tries to make Murali a chucker when he comes head to head with Warne. (By experience, I can say that most westerners are good, helpful and understanding, but some politicians, media and some sections of their societies try to populate those myths)

Great Sri Lankans like Dr. Weerawarna are definitely leading our way in technology sector. There are few more who do this. We have a lot more capable people, who need to come forward and lead, nothing about politics, but do different and new things to take us to new heights, these will automatically elevate us to be world leaders. Our politicians have without doubt proved over 50 years that they can't regain our heritage for us, so it's up to Technologists, Scientists, Businessmen, Authors, Sportsmen and many other professionals to step up.


Nano said...

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Anonymous said...

Rightly said, However I don't think hypocrisy is really happening right now and you have all the chances of regaining whatever the status you had before in the current world.

(To me, cricket issue is different because it involves a competitive sport and everyone wants to beat the competitor by some way.