Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My First Blog

Hello All,

I thought of starting a blog page because blog is starting to gain acceptance as an effective way of communication in the modern day. More and more people now believe that Blogs are far more effective than traditional personal websites as it allows sharing knowledge and experiences on a daily basis with your peers, colleagues, friends and the community at large. My recent involvement with the ACS also encouraged me to start this as I understood that most active people in the IT industry who are concerned about knowledge sharing and improvement of the IT industry, do maintain blogs and importantly maintain them actively.

I have been reading blogs of some of my friends for a long time but until recently did not decide to do it myself. But, here I am now starting to join the rest of the active IT community who appreciate the importance of sharing knowledge, helping each other in professional development and sharing experiences of life including joy and sadness.

IT business is driven by teamwork; therefore, powerful networking between IT professionals is essential. IT evolves daily at a rapid pace; therefore life long education is essential. Due to these facts, existence of powerful communication methods and networking strategies are essential for us. Blogs serve these purposes in a great way, hence its success and popularity.

I know so many professionals who use blogs very effectively for above purposes and the silent service done by such bolgs is enormous.

I still have not given up the idea of building a traditional personal website someday but I will try to be a blogger as well. During a discussion on these lines, someone proposed that one way to resolve the debate in between a website and a blog is to do both but allow links to move back and forth in between the two. Anyway, I am not decided on the issue.

This is just a start, so I will try to upload and write more later on and make this a worth reading blog as we go along.

Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama

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Mudlake Slim said...

I was looking at all the different blogs and found yours. I feel honored to see it on it's first day, good luck with it. I'm sure you will enjoy it.